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This is the most i've posted in like ever .-.
Feeding Time. by kibafan1232
Feeding Time.
Bullet; Yellow Feeding Time: Its time to eat. All the dogs are crowding in. Your turn is next but someone cuts in line. You're pissed. He/she doesn't move or acknowledge you. Assert yourself. Show the other dog cutting in line isn't tolerated. 

Sapphire had been starving she'd been out on patrol with another dog in the pack damn near all day. The blue merle female had been looking forward to dinner. She stepped into the long line that had already formed in the dining hall. As the the time passed the line began to move Sapphire was quietly making conversation with her fellow pack mates, before she knew she was two dogs away from getting her meal. Out of nowhere a taller dog cut in front of her. "Excuse you. You can wait your turn like everyone else." Sapphire snorted sternly. the taller male turned his head "I've worked hard all day long I deserve to cut." The male sneered back at her. Sapphire gave a low growl "Move to the back or i'll make you move." She growled at him. The male turned on her an irritating smirk on his face "Make me sweet cheeks." He retorted. That last comment filled Sapphire with a rage like no other. In a swift movement Sapphire lunged at the male grabbing his scruff. The male turned his head his maw clamping around her neck he flipped them managing to pin her underneath him. Sapphire felt a pain shoot up her back as she was slammed into the concrete and the warm trickling of blood ran down her neck. The males weight held her in place as he still had his maw around her neck. Sapphire kicked her back legs outward hitting the male in the ribs. Letting out a grunt the male let go of her neck. Sapphire snapped getting a patch of his face she felt the cold metallic taste of blood in her The male cried out in pain and began to attempt to shake her off. Sapphire held her place she managed to flip the two of them due him trying to shake her off of his face. "Now then move your ass to the back!" Sapphire snarled as she still held onto to the skin of the males muzzle. "Fine" He conceived with a grumble.
Things have happened recently to where I have to be gone for quite some time. I was recently attacked by my neighbors dog. My right wrist is fractured and my left middle finger is broken. So I will not be able to draw and or RP for a bit. My brother is typing this as I speak. If you would like to know about what happened feel free to ask comment or note.

-A very pissed off Rissa 
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